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Once I decided to write professionally. I was ready for my research work. I decided to write as a content writer. Though it was not so easy to write professionally but I succeeded anyway! I took baby steps, one at a time. When you take baby steps, you are sure not hurting yourself. I wanted to work and also did not want to spend money too. Neither I had a mentor, but I had my will power to do what I wanted.

I started reading content from the various websites about various topics. I read lots of content writing sites. I developed my resume as a content writer and applied to content companies for the position of the content writer.

I instantly started getting calls. It was a huge boost for my confidence. Then I started going to interviews. These were not just interviews rather a series of tests which I took. These tests were all about English language knowledge, logical thinking and vocabulary. Most of the times I passed my written tests. After rejection at one or two places I finally got the job of a content writer in a reputed company. I just talked about rejections, but I do not take them as rejections. These were the stepping stones as they taught me a lot about the practical aspects in the field of content writing.