When I was working as the full time content writer, I learned many things which I would never know if were to work alone like I am doing now. First of all it gave me that desired and much needed industry experience and industry exposure which is very important to succeed in any field. I learnt about various technical aspects of content writing, content management and researching.

I wrote thousands of articles on a variety of topics. Whenever I got any title, I used to wonder what I should write. To make your writing more believable, you need to support it with facts and references. Researching is very important for writing any kind of article. My colleagues helped me a lot to do my job in the right way. Working there was really a fun and I would never forget that experience.

But my aim was to become a freelance content writer and I succeeded. The most important qualities you need in your personality to succeed as a freelance writer are patience, perseverance, honesty, flexibility, good communication skills and honoring deadlines.

Another important thing I would like to mention is that you should understand client’s requirements, his budget and time constraints. These are very important traits to fetch you repeat assignments.