Now some people ask me what I did to start this home business of writing for internet. For me it just happened. It is not to say that I did not make efforts for it. But I am saying that I never thought of such kind of profession in my life. Actually, in my childhood, I was never inclined to write creative pieces. Whenever I had to write an essay, I used to get confused about what to write.

You can say it, destiny. When I had nothing better to do and internet just came into my life, a whole new world of information came to my fingertips. I used just surfed for information about anything and everything. I used to get lesser time in those days, just 1 or 2 hours a day and internet was also expensive to use. I used to read a lot from informative websites, magazines and newspapers. I came to know about various work-at-home opportunities. Actually, I also wanted one such opportunity for myself. I knew that I am capable of doing many things. But I wanted a monetary appreciation for my work. I wanted a market for my work. As I was loaded with my family responsibilities, I was not able to go out.

Then this idea of writing for web clicked my mind. I prepared my resume which expressed my writing experience and writing skills. Yes, I forgot to tell you that in my past I worked at a publication as a junior copy editor. I also wrote courseware for a small computer training institute. Those experiences also helped me a lot while I was preparing my content writing resume.