Do you want to be freelance writer? Do you really know what a freelance writer means and what he does? Before taking a plunge as a freelance writer, just look around you and do researches. It will give you an idea about what freelancing is . Do not just quit your day job rather work for few months while steady on your day job.

Freelance Writer is the person who is not tied with one particular company. He can work for one company or more than one. He can work from the company office if it demands or can work from home also. Some companies want them to come for set hours for working. As a freelance writer, the person works on contractual basis or project basis. While on a contract work, it is not neccessary that the person has written agreement but it is always benficial for the freelancer to have written contract.

A project or contract has some clear goal and clear timeframe. These are the important things in the professional life of a freelancer. Once the project gets over, the freelance start searching for another one.

Freelance writing includes many forms like marketing writing or web writing, business writing. Some freelancers write for magazines and newspapers only. But once you start working as freelance writer and start getting project , you will come to know your strengths and weeknesses. Then you will learn, what are the subjects you can write best for.