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Do you want to be free from the drudgery of working 9-5 and come back home tired and get up next morning, get ready and going again to the office? (I hate it! Actually) Freelance writing is a viable career option for all those who either want to have full time career or part time career for earning few extra bucks. In both ways, freelance writing on web can offer you rewards. For becoming a freelance writer, it is not important to have a specialized degree but surely it helps if you want to be specialist writer. The most important qualification you need is to write error-free English and access to the internet connection.

I have learnt few lessons in self-taught manner in order to succeed as a freelance writer on the web.  I want to share those lessons or you can say tips which can be helpful for any person thinking of starting a freelance writing career.

 Tip 1:  The most important tip; take decision to write professionally

The most crucial point in anybody’s freelance writing career is to take decision about writing professionally.  You might be writing occasionally some letters to some institutions or organizations or you may have written for college magazine once in while; that was your hobby or necessity. But this is the time to take a serious decision as only this is going to decide further path for your career.

Tip2: Have confidence in your writing abilities

 To be a freelance writer for web, you need not be an expert in any field! All you should have good researching abilities and ability to compile related information. Then only thing you have to do is put that in your words. To do all this, one thing you will need in loads is confidence in your abilities.

Tips 3: Creating a writing portfolio is important

As in every other freelancing job, here too portfolio matters.  In the beginning you won’t be having any portfolio to show but you can consistently work to create one. To do that, you can write articles on whatever topics you are interested in like travel, health, culture, beauty or any other; the list is endless. There are hundreds of article submission sites which allow you to publish your articles for free with your byline and bio attached to a particular article. Though these sites do not pay at all but are great source to collect clips of your writings. You can put links to these articles in your writing resume which you will need to prepare before applying for any writing gig.

  Tip4: Prepare an impressive Resume

Once you are done with creating a portfolio, it is time to prepare an impressive resume. Your resume needs to give all the information related to your writing skills. Do not forget to put links to your writings you have published in various article directories.

Tips 5: Approach freelance writing marketplaces

The easiest way to find a writing gig is to register at one or more of the freelance writing job portals like Elance, Guru.com, GetAFreelance and others. Everyday scan through the jobs listed there and apply to the jobs you think you can do. In the beginning you can start for the smaller jobs and once you get credibility a good feedback for your work, you can start applying for bigger jobs.

These are the tips I followed myself and I assure you, these are worth give try. And the greatest tip is to take baby steps initially before running fast.