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You can really earn money writing online. Many people are doing it and you can too do it if you love writing. If I can do it, you too can. You must know that there are numerous websites which need writers who can write quality content to update their websites. With increasing number of websites, need of writers is also increasing. Take the advantage of this situation and start making money. It is completely legitimate source of income.

Here we are going to discuss various opportunities you have as freelance writer. You can choose one niche subject and be proficient in writing about that. It is truly comfortable, work from home job.  This is true opportunity to earn right from the comfort from your home. Another advantage of freelance writing is it is you who   chooses what to write and what not. How much to write and what should be the price of your work? Isn’t it interesting? Freelance writers are in huge demand and they can command their prices.  But newbie writers may not be able to set their prices as high as the experienced ones but this is the case in every professional field.

 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

There are many types of freelance writing jobs. Some of these fields require some additional knowledge or skill besides just writing. It is better to choose a writing field   which you are familiar with. It will help you know about the technical terms of that field and write better expressions. It will get you ahead in the competition as a freelance writer. You can consider one of the following common freelance writing jobs available.

SEO Writing for Websites

Web Content Writing

Article Writing

Medical Writing

 Technical Writing

 Press Release, Writing for Media

 Advertising and Marketing

 Resume Writing


Resume Writing

Forum Moderator

Business Writing

Ezine Writing

 Entertainment Writer

Proof Reading

 Ebook Writing

Sports Writing

 Writing Translations

 Business Writing

Writing for Contest

Ghost Writing

You can try your hand at one or more than one fields listed here. While it is recommended to specialized in one kind of writing but you need to have experience of more than one kind of writings to sustain for long.