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When you decide to be freelance writer, it becomes important for you to decide which genre you write for. Genre means the recognized category of work which has the repetitive patterns and components. Freelance writers have option to choose from these genres. Here I am listing these genres for you to choose from and start your freelance writing career. I have divided this post into two parts. This is the first part of the series.

Content Writing

Content writing means writing for the internet. This kind of writing is more formal and static. You need to write for websites and this content for web may be in various forms such as articles, how-to-steps, columns, outlines and more.   Website can be two kinds or content based or selling some product. Aim of content based website is to provide information like at Wikipedia. Content of the website which sells product is in the form of articles about the product or service. Sometimes content writing can be the part of business writing, copywriting, and blogging, ghost-writing, web-writing or e-book.


 Blogging is like writing a personal diary in which you are supposed to write in an informal tone and in a date-order. A blog differs from a website. In blog, blogger has to update the post regularly. Blog is interactive medium where you can communicate with your reader through comments.  A certain blogs builds a community of like minded people.  Companies hire freelance bloggers to maintain their company blog which indirectly promotes their products and services. Blog may use other genres like content writing, business writing, web writing and copywriting.

 Business Writing

As the name indicates, business writing is associated with writing for a business. Business writing may include writing press releases, newsletter, and company’s annual report, marketing brochures or preparing PowerPoint presentations. Business writing may take the form of blogging, technical writing, web writing and copywriting.


Copywriting is a very familiar genre which means writing for marketing or promotional purposes. Copywriting is intended for selling something but it can include indirect sales also through press kits, informational brochures, white papers and more. Copywriting results in some kind of response from the reader. This genre may be the part of Content writing, blogging, business writing and web writing.

 Critical Writing

Critical writing means analyzing some product, movie or book or others. Critical writing is about reviewing anything. It is not for promoting anything rather it presents a neutral and honest review of the product in question.

So these are the some of the popular kinds of genres which freelance writers chose to write in. I am a content writer and blogger. I write for magazines also. So you can see you can get involve in more than one genre at a time.