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Apart from the genres mentioned above there are many other genres you can choose for yourself according to your inclination.

 Essay/non-fiction Writing

This genre is more of descriptive kind. It includes memoires, anecdotes for persuasive or educational purposes. These are often long pieces of writing like a book. This genre can be in the form of journalistic writing, blogging, speechwriting or web writing.

Fiction Writing

 Fiction  writing means writing a creative piece. It is, in fact, Story writing. It can range from a paragraph to a long series of stories. It often overlaps with ghostwriting, poem writing or non-fiction writing.

 Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is not a special kind of genre rather it can be any writing which is done on the behalf of someone else. For this kind of writing, someone else takes the credit for your piece.

Technical Writing

 It is the instructional writing which includes the information and step-by-step instructions for a specialized field. It can be in the form of instruction manuals, white papers or other such documentation. It can be written in combination with business writing, copywriting or content writing.

Web Writing

It is just like content writing but just it can include writing online columns, for ezines or writing for search engine optimization.

Journalistic Writing

It is the most common form writing like you see in newspapers and magazines. It can be anything like features, articles, ezine articles, stories, news reporting.

Poetry Writing is all about writing creative verses.

 Script Writing is the writing for recoding or spoken word performances. This is done in the form of dialogues.

Speechwriting is writing for speaking in the front of live audience.