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When you say you are work-from-home writer, it is quite probable traditionally-thinking people won’t give much importance to your work. But here, I would like to mention that a working from home and getting success with your targets is quite challenging.  With advent of internet, many professionals like to have an option to work from home. In a traditional office set up, there are many things which keep us hooked to our job consistently. However,   to have work-life balance is very important when you are working from your home office.  You need to create some physical or virtual boundaries to achieve that crucial work-life balance.

Maintaining productivity is very important   for any kind of job. One problem is your personal life seeps into your work. When you are working from home, there are lots of temptations luring you from each corner of the house. Besides temptations, there are disturbances like playing kids, uninvited guests, phone calls, household jobs, attending to the handymen and the list goes on.  This is important to mention here that you need to have some sort of discipline and attend tasks in the order of their priority. Also, you have to maintain a timetable to follow. You can also take the helps of online productivity tools and exercises.

 Like maintaining discipline at work, you need to save a family time or personal,”me” time too.  Overwork can be damaging for your relations. It is very important as it save you from burnout. That personal time can be about anything which relaxes you. You can catch on your sleep or play with kids or have an evening walk or read a book or anything.

In my next post, I will discuss how you can maintain that work-life balance practically.