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Why am I writing this post? People who work from home know their job well. Then! Wait a moment. Have you ever judged the amount of productivity at the end of the day? Why is it so that some people achieve more and others less? It is only the work-life balance which makes all the difference.  There are some tips which will be really helpful to all even if they do not have any productivity problems.

The most important thing you need to understand that a home is a home. Until you create a semblance of an office,   you always will be at loss. The things or habits which distract you from work, avoid them. Like avoid working in bed as bed is meant for resting.  In that case, your mind will crave to take rest while in bed. One important aspect to create that work-home balance is to have a separate space to work at. Find a space where you can work in peace and privacy. Also, it saves your family form your work all the time! At the same time, your work space should be clutter-free.

  Often people say freelance writers work in pajamas, but I say be dressed smartly before you start your work. It might seem attractive   to you to work just after getting up from the bed, but it does important to give a cue to your body about “work” and take off home.   When you work from home it is important to focus all your attention to your work. Shabby clothes and hair will give your mind lazy thoughts.

Having a work schedule is very important to create that work-home balance. When you work from home, it is always easy to mix your family time with work time. But, this is the biggest problem with most of the people who work from home. There has to be clear demarcation of work hours and family time. When you have a fixed daily schedule, your family knows when you are available to the, your body and mind also get tuned to those work hours. It helps enhance the productivity. You can plan your work for next day according to the hours you have. However, you can be flexible with your schedule sometimes, according to your family needs. This is the biggest attraction of “working from home” arrangement.  

If you are taking your job seriously, avoid doing household tasks when completing your assignment. Keep two things separate. Once you have fixed your schedule, do not disturb it for daily chores. They can wait until you finish your work at hand. What you can do is work for two hours   and then spend one hour for your home stuff.  You are less restricted when you work from home.

I hope you are getting my point. I just want to say that it becomes more important to be disciplined and organized when working from home. When you work from office in traditional way, things are more organized by themselves. In your case, you have to organize them yourself.