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The sixth and the smallest continent in the world, Australia is the land of paradoxes. The country and the continent at the same time, Australia has great diversity in its land features, culture, climate and people. Australia offers so much to do and so much to see that you can create thousands of itineraries and find yourself unable to explore all in a life time. This nation is known for its open spaces, deserts, tropical rain forests, its beaches, rugged mountains, its flora and fauna and the famous “Outback”. Being isolated from other continents, Australia is blessed with unique kind of wildlife and forests with Kangaroos, Koalas, pandas, emus and many more.   Australia has great cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

Surrounded by Indian Ocean on northeast, west and southwest, and South Pacific Ocean on the east, Australia is flanked by the Great Barrier Reef on the northeast. Climate of Australia is arid and semi-arid in most areas.  The continent is covered with desert in the centre. But South East Australia and north Australia is blessed with temperate and tropical climates respectively. This is the reason for most of population being concentrated on the coastal regions in Australia: people here are great beach lovers. Being is Southern Hemisphere completely, Australia experiences winters in June to September and summers in December to March.

Diverse and multicultural Australia is charms and entices travelers with its sunshine drenched beaches and unending cultural charisma. While you visit Australia you can not miss noticing the different hues of culture of Australia’s indigenous population.  There is great tension between the aboriginal population and mainstream population of Australia. Otherwise Australia is a very fun loving, sporting and thrilling country with great natural and cultural highlights.  Most of the world perceives Australia as the land of leisure, sun, sea, sand, Crocodile Dundee outdoor lifestyle. On the contrary, Australia is much more than that; people there work hard and then relax hard on weekends.

Australian cities are great places to be explored. They offer pleasurable sightseeing, outdoor fun activities and thrilling nightlife.  There are number of excellent beaches in almost all the big cities like Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. You can move to Sydney to enjoy the surfing at finest natural harbor in the world.  You can have magnificent sight of sandstone headlands and white beaches.  Visit the river city, Brisbane which is regarded as the gateway to tropical northeast. Melbourne is known for its Victorian grace and for holding many premier national and international sports events. Adelaide is a well planned city with magnificent architecture.

All the cities offer great opportunity to explore natural Australia as most of the big cities are adjoined by spectacular coasts, national parks and rivers.  You can have a chat with whales and dolphins in the sea. More natural treasure can be explored in forests, islands, reefs and sacred sites. For more adventurous ones, there is an opportunity for underwater journey on reefs, walk on a canopy set on high forests and an opportunity to explore the oldest rainforests. For a great Outback, move inland to formidable deserts and have a peek at past heritage of Australia.