Home to one of the most glitzy cities of the world, Sydney, New South Wales is the region where most of the Australian population lives. There is no New North Wales; New South Wales is named after South Wales of United Kingdom.  New South Wales is among the topmost tourist destination in Australia owing to many attractive features such as breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, urban glitz, sporting events and much more.  Blessed with staggering coastline, snow-capped mountains, forests, rolling ills, plains and more, New South Wales is just like a paradise on earth. Besides these, there are many untouched, pristine bush land which are protected by state in the form of national parks, encompassing the capital city, Sydney. Who can miss the limelight of urbanely glitzy Sydney, which boasts of the best nightlife avenues of the state?   This New South Wales is a land of contrast with chic lifestyle and wilds going side by side. Tales of Australian settlement can be learnt through the sandstone edifices and historic pubs in the countryside.

Australia’s oldest and the most populous state, New South Wales is located in the south-east of the country. It lies on the north of Victoria and the south of Queensland.  Founded in 1788, New South Wales covered most of the Australian mainland, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, initially.  Later during 19th century, areas like Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand got separated. Largest city of the state is Sydney. Also the Australian Capital Territory, where national capital Canberra is located, lies in this state. Australia’s highest point in the Mount Kosciuszko lies only in New South Wales. The state has the golden beaches and breathtaking long waterways, rivers which include Murray River.

If you are a sea lover, you have plenty to enjoy in New South Wales. It offers miles white sandy beaches and pounding surf. While in New South Wales, you are sure to visit Sydney which offers not just pulsating nightlife but also has number of world famous beaches such as Bondi beach. Hub of Southern Hemisphere, Sydney is the counted among the most enchanting cities of the world. Many land marks of the city are listed among the world’s topmost attractions which include Sydney Harbor, unmatchable Opera House. Opera House symbolizes the epitome of architecture which looks like sails full of wind. It reflects the sense of energy which pervades the city.

New South Wales offers such a wide array of experiences which is unexpected from many countries in the world, let alone the state. Visitors to New South Wales can enjoy all which they wish to have at their much awaited vacations. Go to Cape Byron or Hervey Bay for Dolphin and humpback whale watching.

Beaches like Bondi and Manly are sure to fill your vacations with unforgettable memories. Surfing at beaches like Bronte, Collaroy, Coogee, Palm and Byron Bay is just awesome. You can also enjoy activities like kayaking, windsurfing and white-water rafting in the Great Lake District. Climbing at  the Harbour Bridge, ski or snowboard on the snow-bedecked Great Dividing Range, Rock climbing and mountain walking in Warrumbungle National Park,  Skywalk atop Sydney Tower are just thrilling activities alluring visitors to New South Wales.