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A laidback island that is home to pristine white sandy beaches, clear waters and vibrant flora and fauna, Barbados beckons nature lovers. Easternmost country in the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is a beautiful land. Besides its breathtaking landscape, Barbados also has a rich history and intriguing culture. Culture lovers would love the place that offers interesting opportunities to explore its history, dance on the beats of its music and gorge on delicious food. Most of the part of Barbados is filled with fields of sugar cane and this is one of the most important cultures in the country. Most parts of Barbados lie outside the hurricane range.

Positioned on the east of the West Indies, Barbados is predominantly flat with few rolling hills in the northern side. On the eastern coast, when sea pounds on the rocky banks, gentle surf is formed there. Island has a coral structure that serves as a natural filter and has one of the purest waters in the world.

Though not much is known about the early history of Barbados, later Spanish habited it. Then Portuguese came during 16th century. After their first settlements in 1627, British declared Barbados as the British colony in 1663. They used to bring African slaves to work on their sugar plantations until mid 19th century. Many of the residents here are the descendents of these slaves. Barbados became an independent state in 1966.

Culture at Barbados is very much influenced by British and is very much British. Barbados celebrates two cultures; tourists and natives. Natives still work hard on their sugarcane plantations while tourists visit here in large numbers. Barbados is very easy place to visit with a good tourist infrastructure such as wide range of hotels, restaurants, number of flights; roads are well signed, large number of tourist sites and more. You won’t be confused when visiting Barbados.

Barbados has many sites boasting English heritage. Bridgetown, its capital, has many beautiful colonial buildings, dating back to 18th century. There are many Anglican churches, beautiful gardens, West Indian cuisine and entertainment. It’s a great place culture freaks.

Barbados is like a paradise for water sport lovers. Caribbean shorelines offer opportunities for diving, snorkeling, swimming. Enjoy watching colorful fish in vibrant coral reefs. On the east there are rugged upland areas, west slopes down to sea. There are highlands descend abruptly to form wide valleys. There is a wide resplendent mahogany forest that is home to the Barbados Wildlife Reserves. Here you will have opportunity to watch green monkeys, deer, tortoise, raccoons, pelicans, and many bright birds.
Coral reefs of Barbados are the home to seahorses, giant sand eels and sponges. Barbados offer exciting scuba diving opportunities. Birthplace of rum, it is place to taste original rum. There are thousands of rum bars for enjoying rum tasting. To watch the stunning panaroma across west, east and northern coasts, you must visit lofty Mount Hillaby, which is the highest point on the island.

Barbados has dramatic vistas to be watched and enjoyed. Barbados is the place for every age and every taste.