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ImageAccording to a study about recent trends of world industries, travel industry is among the largest industries.  For traveling to a new place, you have to leave the comfort of your home, pack essential things and start your journey. Then, what is it that tempts people to travel? Why do people spend thousands of dollars every year for the sake of traveling? Moreover, in this thriving internet age, increasing number of people is opting to book their travel packages online that is adding to the number of travelers. This article is about why people love to travel.

Why People love to travel

People need to travel for various reasons, for business, education, for exploring new lands, enjoying new experiences and lot more. Some people travel for passion and some travel for necessity. Reasons for traveling are many, but some important ideas are put here.

 To get new experiences

Traveling to different places offers you an opportunity to enjoy new experiences that you can never have staying at home. For instance, if you want to explore the relaxing ambiance of a hill station; you have to travel yourself to a hilly area. Of for that matter to surf at beach, you need to travel down to the sea.

To see new things

Every destination, every country or city offers their own exclusive charm. They have their own sets of attractions such as architectural structures, historical attractions, museums, natural wonders, food, festivals and lot more.  People travel to see those exclusive attractions of a particular place.

 To meet new people

Some people have wanderlust and a desire to see people from different corners of the world. They travel to different lands to meet those exciting new faces, to know about their culture, language, food and various other aspects.  These travelers make it point to stay at a [particular place for a longer period.

To eat new food

This might seem funny to you, but this is the fact, some people visit new places to taste variety of food available at new places. That is the reasons why special cuisines like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Continental and others are popular world over.

 Just for fun, partying and romance

Most of the people travel just for the sake of fun and partying. They travel to some of their favorite destinations such as hill stations, beach locations, cultural destinations and others. Traveling to a new location is a popular activity with newlyweds.  They plan their honeymoon at any romantic location to make the event memorable.


Several thousands of people visit different countries to have a fabulous shopping experiment such as people visit New York, London, Paris, Dubai and many other place that are famous for their markets.


Many students travel to different countries such as America and the UK for obtaining higher educational degrees.  It helps them earn an international educational qualification.


As part of their job requirements, several millions of people travel to foreign lands.  Jobs in foreign countries help them get better salaries, good living standards and valuable professional experience.

Whatever is the reason to travel, it is one of the most interesting expressions humankind has learned to express its needs and desires. Make best of your vacations or job if you are traveling to any new destination.