When I started out as a  freelance writer, I had no idea what problems I would be facing in my career path. I was the kind of “solo soul” treading on the freelance writer’s track.  I also had my share of challenges and problems,  and now I can proudly say that I overpowered them with my sheer determination and hard work. Like in every profession,  the freelance writing field is also full of challenges. If as a new freelance writer on the block, you are unaware of what lies ahead of you, this article is for you. Have a view of the challenges that you are likely facing at this point of time of your career. It will help you stay prepared and find out solutions to your problems.

  • You will find it hard to find a client who will stay for long or for years – This is the first terrible challenge which a freelance content writer is likely to face in his/her professional career. Earlier it was fine but these days it just doesn’t happen. Long term client just do not come by. You have to hunt for them and if you are lucky, you may find one out of the dark. It is real and you have to face this challenge.
  • If you are a lucky chap and found your first customer, you now have the gateway open to find another customer. You can offer the reference of the first customer to your second customer and move on further. If you are keen to get more number of customers, it is very important that you publicize about your content writing services on the internet and especially at the social media websites. You need to show to the audience that you are live and available all the time to offer your professional content writing services.
  • Difficulty in Balancing the Work with Your Personal Life – Freelancing is a hectic job and it is not for everybody. You have to create a balance between your professional and personal life. It is hard to create the balance, but ultimately for your own benefit, you have to do it right away. If you do not create the balance, you will be losing your personal life and this will have serious repercussions on the writing.
  • Sometimes you are not paid for your work or you are even underpaid – This is one terrible condition which the freelance content writer has to face at times. Not much can be done here except that the freelancer has to check the credibility of a client who is offering him/her the work. A good trick that will work out here is to work less for initial one or two months. After you start getting payments, you can think of increasing the frequency of your work.
  •   Best writers get negative feedback; Take it in a positive note. Do not get disheartened. You know that you have writing instincts and knowledge too. Use those instincts and knowledge.

Keep these challenges in your mind as you will get the strength to overcome them within no time. I would appreciate if you  share  the problems you faced as a beginner freelance writer.