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How to write interesting blog posts?

As a freelance writer, I write a variety of content. Out of all types of content, I find blogging the most interesting. Blogs are very easy to read and write. Many people live with a myth but what’s actually true is still a mystery. Let me try to unfold it. In my view, crafting a blog post may appear very simple but writing interesting blogs may not be. Blog posts are hitting the website like anything and churning loads of money for the sites too. Content writing and blog writing are really different because in content write ups you mainly give basic information and guidelines about the topic, molded in different ways. But blog writing involves innovation and writing information but in a very presentable form such that it attracts easy attention of readers and helps in ranking the blog and the site well in search engines.


Points to remember:

I have put together a few important points that one should remember while creating a blog post.

Topic: Choosing topic is very crucial in blog posts because that will help you define the connection with the audience, allowing the content flow better that matters to readers.

Decorating the blog post title: Perhaps this is important because it attracts the user’s attention easily in RSS feeds and search engine because this is visible.

Excellent opening line: This matter just like the 1st impression does matter. The opening line has to really stand out and explain the inner beauty of the blog, drawing deeper reader’s attention.

Matter count: Every word written in the blog counts and each statement made. Make sure when you are writing quotations in blog posts then specify the name of the person, paying your gratitude towards them.

If you don’t have proper statistics then justify mater by using words like “nearly”, “approx”, “mostly” etc. Write clean and easy to understand the concept. Let your matter make a point with the post.

Adding depth:

Before you click on the publish button, see how can you add lots of depth and creativity in every word of the blog posts such that the blog is memorable and useful for readers.

Polishing blog posts and keeping quality check:

Now this is essential. A good blog posts may take you to the next level if some time is spent in fixing the small errors which may prove big barriers to some readers.

Strategic ‘nudges’ to the blog posts will make it grow exponentially.