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Being a freelance writer for many years, I have experienced the ups and downs of this profession. And I know it very well that it is often tough to sustain as a freelance writer if you lack the requisite passion, determination and hard work. I have noticed that many writers who started it out with a bang just vanish away from scene after one or two years despite the fact that they possessed good writing skills.  Actually they have gone out of the business because they committed some very common mistakes that could be simply avoided. This article is about these six common mistakes that could damage a freelance writer’s business.

failed freelance writer

Treating business as hobby and the client as “friend”

When you start a business, any business, treat it as a business; it’s not your hobby anymore. And when it comes to clients, several freelance writers become too friendly or too accommodating because either they are very helpful in nature or they are afraid of losing the client. But, let me tell you, this is one of the major mistakes that freelance writers make, which can kill their business.   If you treat your clients as friends, they may take your advantage. They may negotiate or kill your precious productive time in irrelevant talks. It is important that you carefully screen your clients before accepting them.

Not being reliable

Most often, I hear from a new client “I am looking for a new writer because the freelance writer working for me just disappeared.” What? Yes, exactly, many freelance writers ruin their career gradually because they care least about being reliable to a client. They think that since they are freelance writer, they are not answerable to anyone. And this miscommunication is one of the most important factors that irritate clients. And why not? After all, they are buying a service for their business and they want the person to respond to their queries.

Missing Deadlines

Like miscommunication, delaying of a project and missing deadlines not only irritates a client but can also damage the business of the client. It is not difficult to understand why. And if a writer upsets even one client, the client adds him or her in his bad books. Loss of one client can lead many potential clients.

Taking excessive workload

Most beginner freelance writers try to take excessive work either to earn money or to have more clients or to satisfy their work hunger. Whatever be the reasons, carrying an excessive workload will definitely affect the efficiency of the writer and the quality of the work that lead to missed deadlines and poor execution. And who cares to hire a writer who can’t deliver expected results?

Ignoring the legalities

This is one of the most common mistakes which not only beginners commit but sometimes experienced ones also do. They often ignore having a work contract either because they are in need of work at any cost or they trust the client blindly. And then comes the time when they are dumped by the client who either underpays or do not pay at all.

Lack of dedication

This is a kind of personal battle that every freelance writer fights, especially beginners. Most freelance writers  start their professional work from their homes and homes are full of distractions;  other family members around, kids around,  routine house jobs, calls from a friend, a guest coming, plumber, electrician and the list goes on… some people  fail to  avoid these distractions and they fail in their  business also.  The fact is if you want to succeed in your freelance business, you need to focus on your writing first and devise a schedule which can help you balance family and work.

Being a freelance writer for many years, I can say a freelance writer not only needs writing abilities but also the entrepreneurial skills.

What do you say? Let me know. Waiting for your valuable comments.