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If you are a freelance writer, you need to spend considerable time for searching new writing jobs. To get best results, use a balanced approach and make use of various resources you can.  By using different channels for job search, you will increase the chances to get the   most suitable job matching your skills. Instead of focusing on a few large job sites, you need to spread your efforts.


Start with job search engines

To search for any kind of job, job search engines are the best place.   Though using job search engines may seem a traditional idea, it still works. There are a large number of job search engines that list jobs from companies of all sizes.  Since many companies are offering freelance options also for the writers, you cannot ignore the importance of job search engines. Some popular job search engines are Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, and Monster.com. To get the best results, the key is to enter the right keywords.

Freelance writing job lists

There is several freelance writing job lists that offer many interesting options.   These websites have listings of people looking for freelance writers. There may be a few positions for niche writings also. The most interesting thing about these lists is the potential employers need freelancers only.

Bidding sites

Bidding sites are teeming with all kinds of freelancing jobs. All you need to do is to scan each listing for writing carefully and apply for the one that matches your skills.    The downside is you need to compete with writers from all sides of the globe. And that’s why your writing prices should be very competitive too. Most popular job bidding sites are Guru.com, Elance.com and Odesk.com.

Pitch magazines and newspaper stories

Pitching stories to newspapers and magazines is a popular method of getting freelance writing jobs.  Pitch an interesting story idea to a magazine or newspaper (the idea should match the theme of the publication), and show your expert writing skills if you want to get your work published in a popular publication. It has two advantages; you will get good money and also you will get writing credentials in your name to show to your potential clients! You can start with regional and local publications also.  Before starting pitching story ideas, make a list of publications and send query letters in volumes.

Be active in social media

This is the age of social networking. Mine your social network for the job search. Create your profiles at several social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Stay active and take part in various communications and discussions taking place there.  Pay attention to what people are talking about, use word-of-mouth referrals, check job listings at LinkedIn and keep updating your profile.  Several companies and employers scan these networking websites to fold the best suitable person to fill positions.

The ways to get freelance writing jobs I mentioned above are basic.  You can explore other ways also like cold calling, targeted marketing, email marketing and passive marketing. I will talk about these methods in my coming posts.