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file6311311863886 It happens with all of us.   Sometimes, we are so much flooded with assignments that we either have to refuse a few of them or have to outsource them.  And then comes a time, when work vanishes suddenly.  During those times, most freelance writers struggle with freelance related insecurities, which is a usual feeling. Initially, these insecurities pestered me also. But, with time, I learnt to handle those feelings and find out the ways that can help me boost my freelance writing business. In fact, I take those times as blessings to do the things that should essentially be done but I do not get time for. Instead of worrying, locking your mind and getting desperate for work, it is important to fill your downtime to improve your writing skills, marketing and networking. Here are the 5 things you can do when work is scarce and utilize the opportunity to grow your career.

 Practice writing you love to do

There can be no better time to practice your writing skills. During other times, when you are busy with assignments, you write for your clients. Now, this is the time when you can write for yourself.  You can write that story, novel, poem or other piece you were planning to write, but couldn’t due to lack of time. Once complete, submit it to a literary journal or magazine. Also, you can update your blog, plan topics for it for the coming months, guest blog for others, or just write a short piece and submit to article directories.

Sign up a writing course

Use this downtime to learn more about your trade, and improve your writing skills. You can join a good online course to increase skills, learn from experienced writers, meet other professionals and add to your repertoire.  If you want to learn another type of writing such as medical writing, personal essays, business writing or any other, learn it now.

Start a new blog

Starting and promoting a new blog takes a large amount of time and efforts. Why do not you do this now? Plan a content calendar for your blog and write down a number of posts and save them for busy days when you won’t be having time to update it regularly. A blog is a tool for writers to not only showcase their skills, but also to attract new clients.

Research and create new ideas

A collection of good ideas is nothing less than a treasure for a writer. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting and arranging ideas that you can pick from anything around you. Make a list of ideas that you can pitch to magazines, online publications or for blogging. Also take this opportunity to explore new markets, get touch with editors, and writing your perfect pitches. During this time, you can read about the latest trend in the market.

 Network and market your service

At this time, when your present clients do not have much work to assign to you, you should look for new clients. You can explore freelance writing gigs, apply for the positions and get in touch with the prospective clients. Moreover, you can also send emails to your old client to ask if they need any content. Marketing is another thing, though it should be an ongoing process, that you should resume in full swing.  Develop a professional website, update your LinkedIn profile, and join groups and forums. Cold calling is another thing you should think of.

 This is my list of tasks to be completed during “free” days, what is yours?Share it with us!