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The writer has to play with words entire day, isn’t it? Writing fresh with good quality is always required but when writing for websites the web content has certain varied dimensions too. Have you ever thought that words are important in any website, and they must be crafted effectively so that the copy empowers the patrons? Words sell your website and help in generating quality traffic to the site, despite the website design is the first impression. Web content writing copy should represent the products and services offered by the website and evoke the visitor’s interest while reading it.


Google has recently revised the algorithm to encourage original and quality content. Know how to write an effective web content copy? There are 3 vital dos and Don’ts which should be kept in mind when crafting website content.

Know your market:

When you are writing website content for any site then you must know your market and the people to whom your copy will cater to. Ask yourself; are they adults, kids, teens, general audience? Your copy must have that pitch that everyone understands it well and is engrossed in it. Any website without these resources may not be very effective. Use of words will matter greatly as each word must convey some meaning to your audience and they should easily relate themselves with the content.

Structure of the “copy”

This is important because in Web content writing the information must be presented toaudience in particular order just like in newspapers. Research has shown that 1st paragraph matters the most to readers so make sure important information comes ininitial copy with less important one in the later paragraphs. All the information must be useful and summarized well with good titles, sub headings, bullet points and simple conclusion.

To take the audience by storm

In Web content writing the words must be descriptive but at the same time user relevant in consent with the website. Simple language in website content writing is appreciated for scan ability. The audience must be evolved casually by making warm welcome and asking questions in initial paragraphs will develop their interest to read further.

In order to create great copy fuse the product well and paveway for its branding.