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no workNo matter, how seasoned writer you are, at some point of time, you would be looking for new work. This happens sometimes because all work dries up too suddenly, and you feel like being desperate to get new work.  I know, these are the times, when you need just one gig to keep your workflow going on. And then you reach a point when you start getting desperate and depressed too as you don’t feel like marketing your skills. And now, this is getting too  much as you are doing all sorts of crazy things like begging for work, dropping your rates and frequenting all kinds of job boards!  When your pleading tone starts reflecting in your pitches, prospects get the real hint of your desperation and stay away. You might send a query (with a low confidence) to save your situation, but let me assure you that you will never get a good gig with this kind of attitude.

So what should you do to stay away from this desperation cycle and find a real gig for you?

Stay Positive

I know, it may sound a cliché to say “stay positive”, but you know this is one of the strongest phrases ever created. The most important thing in these lean times for you is to stay positive and keep up your spirits. When you maintain your positive attitude, you know, you have already won the half battle.  When you send your pitches, your tone should be well composed and should reflect the optimal level of confidence.   The kind of attitude you show in your queries will help prospects to take a decision.

Market your skills more aggressively

In these times of no assignments, the biggest mistake people make is not to market their skills simply because they are either depressed or they lose trust in their abilities. The most sensible thing you are not doing is marketing your skills.  In fact, you should take this period as an opportunity to promote your skills more aggressively because once you are bombarded with new assignments, perhaps, you might not get time to do that kind of promotional stuff which you can do now. In fact, you should continue marketing your freelance business even if you have loads of assignments.

Keep writing

Another important thing you should keep working on is your writings. In fact, this is the time when you can focus on the writing you love to do which you keep delaying when you are busy with your assignments. This kind of writing will help you sharpen your skills and at the same time, it will keep you away from desperation. Moreover, utilize this time to create interesting and impactful pitches.

These are only a few basic things, but very important ones that you can do when you do not have any more new assignments to work on. In fact, this is the golden period which you can utilize to enhance your writing career.

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