start Since any website thrives only because of its well written fresh content, there is a great demand for web writers.  In fact, you can make good money by writing for various websites and blogs.  Yes! This is fact that you can earn money in this way even if you do not have any published work. Moreover, it does not require any technical know-how, which is a must in other web related jobs. The only requirement to become a good web writer is you can write effectively and regularly. I know people earning well just by working for 3-4 hours a day if they want to add to their day job income and earning equal or even more than their previous day jobs if they put full working hours in this job of freelance writer.

Often I get emails from people who want to be freelance writers. The most common questions they ask are

“what they need to do to become a freelance writer?”

“How do I get my first writing assignment?” etc.

These are the kind of normal doubts that anyone looking to become a freelance writer may ask.    Although in the long run, you will need all other usual paraphernalia that is required for any business, to start with you need very few things.  Well! I say, to all those curious people, that there is no mystic in it. The only thing you need to show to your potential clients is your ability to write.  To qualify as a good freelance writer, you need to be a good writer as well as a dedicated worker who takes his or her work seriously, not as a hobby.

See, if you are still struggling to get your first assignment or a worthy assignment, it is better to build your credibility online as in this field your credibility matters the most. People won’t know you personally, but they will see your work online and will contact you if they are satisfied that you can deliver what they are looking for.

Another thing is the range of fee that you can demand.  Initially, you cannot demand a high fee because nobody will pay until you show them your writing skills. Your reputation and name online can make this happen for you.  When any nobody thinks of hiring you, they will Google search for your name which is an obvious thing.  If during such searches, your writings show up, you will win the half battle. By looking at your writings, people can realize that you can help them with their content writing requirements.

So, how can you get your name and works reflect in Google searches? It is not as difficult as you might think.   Now apart from writing, you need a bit of patience too! Just follow my tips!

Use blog as a showcase of your skills

Create a blog and start posting! A blog is the easiest platform where you can show your writing skills as much as you want. Creating a blog takes only a few seconds and it is free of course. Choice of topic is yours only; write anything that interests you or you have expertise in like technology, travelling, parenting, personal growth or anything. However, avoid writing much about yourself as nobody is going to hire you to write your personal stories, unless you are famous. And yes, do not forget to place a link to your “Hire Me” page.

Promote your writing services by promoting the blog

Once you have created your blog, keep posting a few posts each week. Soon, search engines will start indexing your blog and it will start getting visitors. In addition, you can also promote it yourself also and you should do it. It will help increase traffic to your blog.  There are several ways to promote your blog such as through social networking sites such as facebook, Twitter, submitting to online blog directories, commenting on blogs of other writers and more.  With more promotion, your blog will come up more in searches, get more traffic and more chances of selling your writing services.

So,   follow this simple process I have outlined here to get started as a freelance writer. Although it will take time, it works!



image courtesy by Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net