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There is no denying the fact that content is the life and blood of digital media and one cannot ignore the importance of having high quality content on their website. A well written content is the basic need for a website to drive traffic to it. Writing a good quality content that not only renders the information, but also engages the readers is an art that has to be learnt and mastered.  Writing high quality content involves using a particular kind of techniques and styles. Apart from writing a good content, it is also important that you follow a specific strategy to make your content more interesting and at the same time effective.

Target right keywords

First thing first; to hit the target, you need to first find out the relevant keywords that should be integrated in your write-up.  Use a keyword search tool to shortlist keywords that best suit the concept of your writing. You can use the LSI keyword search to get a list of relevant keywords.  But before you start integrating keywords, keep an important thing in mind is not to overuse keywords. In fact, you should write your content in a normal tone that you use to write and then  integrate keywords to blend them in the natural flow of the content. Write your content for human readers who are information hungry, not for search engines.

Structure your content to make it more effective

Another aspect of content writing is content structuring that decides how your content will look and will be perceived.  To be more effective, your online content should be concise, precise, and relevant, and at the same time, it should be appealing. To make it more engaging for the readers, integrate some relevant links, images, and icons. Use proper headings and subheadings to make it easily readable.

Take time to research

To make your content impressive and useful for the readers, take some time to research and gather information required.  Search for information relevant to your topic on the internet, books, newspaper and other sources.  Take points, elaborate on them, use facts, figures and quotations to make your writing more realistic and grounded.

Unique and original

To avoid any copyright issues, it is highly essential that you write a unique content. It should be your own content and not published anywhere else. There should be no plagiarism because Google has very strict guidelines to keep up originality of content, and it does not index copied content. Make sure your work is exclusive because it is not only good for search engines, but also for your reputation and for establishing your authority on the subject.

If you are following these basic rules of content writing, you are sure to have a good time in 2014 as a writer. Please share your views.

image courtesy  byStuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net