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starta blogIf you are a freelance writer or planning to start as a freelance writer, it is important that you should start a blog. A blog is like an asset to everyone who is either writing to attract clients or to showcase their writing skills.   If you are struggling to get high-paying freelance writing jobs, but still do not have a blog,   you are wasting your expertise without tapping it. If you can use your writing skills to help others earn money, why do not you use it for yourself?

Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you should start a blog now.

Easily attract potential clients

The main and foremost reason for a freelance writer to start a blog — it is the most important marketing tool in your kitty.  It does the dual purpose of showcasing your skills and catching the attention of potential clients.


Tell me how many high paying assignments you got by venturing on bidding websites. What was the number of bidders competing along with you? I believe, not many of you are able to get any good assignments from these bidding websites. The biding websites like elance or Odesk offer a stiff competition even for a small assignment. So, is it worth to spend your talent, energy and time by bidding for petty jobs advertised on these bidding websites?

On the other hand, a blog can easily attract clients if you keep it alive by posting fresh content at frequent intervals. The fact is that the clients offering high paying assignments never go to bidding websites to look for experts. Rather, they search for talented people who have already proven their expertise.

When you feed your blog with high quality content infused with the right kinds of keywords targeting a particular kind of clientele,   your blog will surely show up in Google searches when someone uses those keywords. Your blog offers a platform where you can show your actual skill by posting a particular kind of content. It is one of the easiest ways to display fresh content on a regular basis and this is what clients want to see.

Do not ignore the SEO benefits of blogging because your prospects find freelancers by searching for them and if your blog does not show up when they search, you cannot connect them. Moreover, having a blog helps cutting off the competition you have to bear on the bidding websites.

Build an authority in the area of your expertise

Apart from working to attract your client, your blog provides you a platform where you can write about anything that interests you. If you come across a topic related to your industry, you have complete freedom to present it in the way you like.   You can write about anything that might affect your clients, educate your client base about related topics or interview industry influencer, share opinions and more. In fact, you can make your blog a source of authoritative information. When you establish an authority, you can command higher rates. When you review something, your clients will believe your expertise. Moreover, it will open more streams of income for you like coaching, e-books, consulting etc.

 Blog helps build a community

If you regularly update your blog with interesting and useful content, you will have a regular readership. It will help you develop a community that will be   looking forward to hear more from you.  You can develop a network of other writers, prospects, sources, clients and others interested in reading your content. You can invite polls for some issues, hold discussions and meet people you might never know otherwise. You never know somebody from your network is your potential client.

In fact a blog is a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level and can serve as a home base for your online activities.

I hope I have given you enough reasons to start your blog.   If you are into the freelance writing profession, you cannot afford to lose this obvious opportunity. What do you say?

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