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Blogging has become a popular activity these days and why not?   It is one of the best ways to promote your work, talent, skills and of course, business. Whether you are a writer or an expert on a topic if you have something to say about or something to promote, the easiest and cheapest way to share among the audience is to start a blog.

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However, though starting a blog has become quite easy, it’s a challenge to keep a blog running simply because it takes enough brainstorming for what to write about week after week to keep your audience hooked. Therefore, the basic the idea is to pick enough topics before you practically set up a blog. Here I am sharing a few practical tips that can guide you to overcome this challenge at least to start with.

When you start a blog, think of certain aspects

  1. List topics that you are passionate about

Yes, the first and foremost thing is about your passion.  If you want to keep writing without getting exhausted or bored, list down the topics you are passionate about or topics that generally interest you. A successful blog that attracts audience regularly required fresh content continuously and for that you need to update your blog often. While you write about what you like, you passion will reflect through your work and readers will like it and come back for more.   Choose a topic that your truly enjoy and that keeps you motivated for long.  It can be your hobbies or interests.

2.      Pick topic that you can discuss

A blog is a platform where you can share your views and let your readers response t that. Since readers are from different walks of lives and have different opinions, some of them may not agree with your idea. So, pick a topic that you can discuss from all angles.  The success of a blog depends on the community it builds around it.

At the same time, make sure not to pick a topic that is off limits.   Even if you are writing a personal diary on your blog, stay away from the details that you do not want to discuss publicly.

3.      Pick a topic that you enjoy learning more about

The topic you choose should be such that you should enjoy learning more about it.   To update your blog with fresh content constantly, you need to keep learning new aspects of your topic. If you enjoy reading about the topic you picked, it will help you come up with more interesting and unique ideas.

  1. Think about readers

Once you pick a topic that interests you, now you have to think about your readers. What are they looking for or expecting from your blog when they come to read the information? What do you have to advice, show or teach them? You have to scour through different aspects of the topic, understand the problems, doubts or interests of the audience related to that topic. Your job is to solve their queries or problems through your blog.

  1. Where to get ideas actually

Now when you are done with the basic job of finding the niche for which you will blog about,   you will have to pick topics for each post. The number of topics depends upon the frequency of your posting.  There are several methods you can rely upon to choose topics.

  • Read a lot

Read as much as you can. Great blogs and books can actually be a good source of consistent ideas.    They can inspire you to write well and more.  If you read something fresh daily, you will never get out of ideas.

  • Take notes

Ideas are ideas. You never know what inspires you to write and inspiration can come from anything and anytime. There is so much around the web that you can’t keep track of if you do not take notes. There are several systems to help you with that such as Evernote, Trello, Google Keep or simply word doc.

  • What others are talking about

It ‘s really important to see around. You can check what others are talking about relevant to your topic. You can get ideas from their work and put your perspective to those ideas to present a fresh content.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research gives tons of ideas for writing.   You should have basic idea to research for. By this, you can get an insight about what people are looking for in your niche.

  • Social Media and other online communities

Since every blog has a particular type of audience, you must have an idea about where your audience hang out online.   Be part of those forums, communities and social networking sites where you can listen to their thoughts, and questions.  These communities are an excellent source of inspiration for ideas. For example, you can check Yahoo Answers or industry related forums to know about different questions readers put for any topic.

I hope these are a few basic tips that you can make use of to get a lot of ideas.  How do you pick topic ideas? Do not forget to add your tips!